Monday, December 28, 2009

Urbana 09 Webcast

Check it out here!

Hi from Urbana!

Urbana is underway! Things behind the scenes have been their usual craziness... It's a lot of waiting and hurrying. Last night there was a water main break close to the America's Center which threatened to shut us down. Praise God they have it under control and Urbana can go on!

Last night I worked until midnight finishing the first issue of Urbana Today, our daily newspaper. It was pretty stressful and tiring getting it all done. Please pray as we continue to work on the newspaper - that details will come together, and for grace as we all work together.

(You can view the newspaper here - don't mind the typos/mistakes... we don't have a proofreader!)

Please continue to pray as Urbana continues! I'll try to send another update as time permits.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

hoodie design

i designed this sweatshirt for staff to wear while talking to prospective staff at our exhibit at urbana! (the design was supposed to be higher up on the shoulder area, but the printer messed up.) otherwise, it's kind of cool to see something i made in real life!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cross Training - post-conference report

 In November I volunteered at Cross Training, Wisconsin’s fall conference. The track I helped with was called ‘On Campus On Purpose’ and is geared towards freshmen and students who are new to their faith or new to InterVarsity. There were several teaching sessions focusing on the Lordship of Christ, having daily quiet times,
and sharing your faith. In small groups we shared, prayed and studied Scripture to help the students process. It was exciting to be with young students as they wrestled with what Jesus was calling them to do as Christian students on campus. My small group consisted of 5 UW-Madison AAIV (Asian American InterVarsity) students. This was my first time getting to be with students again since I’ve been at my current job, and I loved it! It made me miss my students at UofM. The two freshmen in my group, Nelson and Betty, committed to having daily quiet times, while a senior named Peter shared that he planned to reach out to an old classmate. Please pray for these students and others at Cross Training who made significant decisions in their relationship with God (there were at least 12 who made first time decisions to follow Jesus!).

My experience at Cross Training was also My small group at Cross Training was fruitful on a personal level. Not only was I challenged in the areas of Lordship, quiet times, and evangelism (no small aspects of following Jesus!), but I was reminded of InterVarsity’s mission to reach students and equip them to be influencers on campus. God is using InterVarsity to changes lives and I am so thankful to get to see it firsthand, as well as work towards this purpose as a graphic designer.

Counting Down to Urbana 09

Urbana 09 is less than a month away! The 2100 department is extremely busy these days! I have completed the Urbana Handbook (praise God!) but am now working on a few more print pieces: the exhibits and seminars guide, which will have listings of which exhibitors (missions organizations and seminaries) will be at
Urbana, and also the schedule of seminars. I’m also working on the worship CD art, which is fun since I get to be a little more creative.

I wish that I could fully convey the scope of Urbana to those of you who haven’t experienced it. This conference is unlike anything else. The energy of 20,000 people who love Jesus gathered in one place is indescribable! It sounds cliché but it really does give you a glimpse of heaven: diverse, worshipful, passionate,
and a real sense that God is present. As you support me through your prayers and gifts, you are supporting a movement that reaches far beyond anything I alone could do. You have a part in something important, global, and eternal! Please continue to pray with me that Urbana 09 will be a catalyst in sending out God’s people to do God’s mission. And pray for me and those with whom I work, as we continue to plan and prepare for this major event. What a privilege and responsibility to work alongside the Lord himself in accomplishing  something so significant for His mission!

P.S. I overheard that approximately 50% of all missionaries in the world were sent out from past Urbana conferences!'s New Look

Several of my colleagues have been working hard on revamping our national website for many months. I think it looks great! Check it out. While you're there, feel free to browse the many resources has to offer.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Personal Prayer Requests

I have a sinus infection that is causing the left side of my face to be very swollen. Please pray that I'll get better so I can enjoy Thanksgiving at home with my family!

Also - I'll be speaking at my home church this coming weekend to talk more about InterVarsity and my new role. Please pray for guidance as I prepare, and that my sharing will be glorifying to God.

UPDATE - Tuesday 11/24:  I went to a doctor today since my symptoms have not gotten any better after 4 days. It turns out I don't have a sinus infection. I have angioedema, which is like hives except the swelling occurs in a deeper layer of the skin. I'm taking antihistamines but it seems like the only thing I can do is wait for it to go away. Please pray for quick recovery, I am in a lot of discomfort!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Urbana 09 Handbook - done!

Praise God! The Urbana 09 Handbook has been sent to the printer as of 4pm on Friday. It was a huge project with many people involved. Thanks for your prayers during this busy season. I'm excited to see when thousands of copies will be in the hands of Urbana 09 participants next month!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Heading to Cross Training

I'm on my way to Green Lake, Wisconsin this afternoon! Please pray for a Spirit-filled weekend for the hundreds of students that are participating!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cross Training

This weekend I'll be volunteering as a small group leader at the InterVarsity's Wisconsin division fall conference. Cross Training gathers close to 600 students from all over Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The track I'm helping out with is called "On Campus, On Purpose" and is geared towards freshmen and sophomores. Throughout the weekend I'll be serving as a guide for a small group of students from UW-Madison's Asian American chapter as they learn about the lordship of Jesus Christ, how to do a daily quiet time, and how to share the gospel with others. Our goal is to help young students take seriously their call to impact their campus as followers of Jesus.

I'm excited to be working with students again for the weekend! Please pray that the students would engage with Jesus and invite him to work in their hearts and minds this weekend. Please pray that my leadership would be effective and that I'll connect quickly with each student in my care.

Click here to learn more about Cross Training.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Praise God! Today the 10,000th person registered for Urbana09. Please pray that thousands more will register by the deadline this weekend, October 17th. If you've been thinking about registering, you should do it soon to save some money, as the price goes up after the 17th! Click on the link on the side bar that says "Register for Urbana 09"

Monday, October 5, 2009

the reason for being, chapter 2

Hello Prayer Partners!

Welcome to my new blog. I've decided to create this blog to coincide with my newly redesigned prayer letter. I hope those of you who prefer online updates will find this an easy way to stay in touch with me. Thanks again for being a part of my prayer team. I am so excited to embark on this new chapter of my life with you. God has been so good in providing me with wonderful partners in ministry!

Some of you who have joined my team more recently may not know the history behind my newsletter title. "La Raison d'être" is French for "The Reason for Being." I've been blessed to grow in my understanding of my own reason for being through my calling to serve with InterVarsity. I believe that as image-bearers of the Creator, we are each created for some specific purpose. At this moment, I feel that God has created me to serve the university and students, and to develop and use my gifts of creativity and organization. I also hope that as I continue to serve in this ministry that I might contribute to students finding their own 'raison d'être', and through their encounter with Jesus, understand that God created them to be a part of his kingdom. And I hope that I may serve as an encouragement to each of you as you journey with the Lord and live for him in whatever he has called you.

The following posts contain the same articles from my prayer letter, but stay tuned for more updates; I'll be updating this blog in between prayer letters if there are any special prayer requests or news.

Life in Madison

Hello! I am so excited to be writing from Madison, Wisconsin. The past several weeks have been exciting, overwhelming, affirming, and a lot of other things all mixed together. It’s great to finally be here after many months of anticipation. I’m also excited to show you my new newsletter design. I figured it was about time, especially since I’m now officially a graphic designer! (It still feels weird to say that!)

Some of you probably are wondering what exactly I do now since I’m not directly on campus. Here’s a glimpse of life here at the National Service Center (also known as the NSC):

At 9:00am I arrive at the office which holds about 100-120 staff. My department, twentyonehundred, falls into the larger category of Advancement (which includes other departments such as Alumni, Fund Development, and Major Donor work). Within 2100 there are two groups, graphics and production. Including myself there are four of us on the graphics team. Jill is our project manager; Gary and Grete are fellow graphic designers.

On Mondays, our graphics team meets first thing in the morning to discuss our projects for the week. Although our work is collaborative, each of us has separate projects we work on. These meetings are good times to touch base and get a feel for what we have ahead of us in the week. Later on, the communications team (2100 department plus the writers) spends time in manuscript Bible study. Since we are preparing for Urbana 09 this year, we’ve been studying through the Gospel of John, which will be the Scripture focus at Urbana.

I work in a room I share with Grete and Gary. One project I’m currently working on is an International Student Ministry brochure. This has been more complicated than I realized since using pictures of international students in a Christian publication is difficult due to the countries and backgrounds many of them are from. I have to correspond with the owners of the pictures I’m using to make sure we have permission from every face that is shown in the pictures.

Around 12:15 I eat lunch with many of the other staff. Up until last week we’ve eaten outside where there are picnic tables. But now we sit in the lunch room, which is actually quite large. It’s a good time to take a break from sitting at our desks and to get to know other staff.

I’ve learned that the graphics room is a popular place for other staff to stop by when they need a break, so there is always chatter and activity going on. This is an adjustment for me since as regional administrator I often worked alone!

At around 5:00 I shut my computer down and go home for the day! To have free evenings and weekends has been a refreshing change from the work lifestyle of late nights on campus, checking email at all times of the day, and many weekends booked with meetings. I’m so thankful for this gift. I still have much to learn and get used to, but so far I am really loving life here!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project Focus: International Student Ministry

Although I am no longer directly on campus, my work as a graphic designer is still very much connected with what is going on at campuses all over the country. In each letter I hope to introduce you to a different ministry related to a project I’m working on. This month I’ve been updating a brochure for International Student
Ministry (ISM).

ISM is a very strategic part of InterVarsity’s vision to develop world changers. There are over 700,000 students and scholars from 200 countries currently in the US. International students are often the most open to Jesus while they are here than any other time in their lives. ISM’s aim is to connect with international students, introduce them to Jesus through friendship, Bible study and conferences, as well as develop them to become leaders in their home countries or elsewhere. Each year hundreds of international students come to know the Lord through InterVarsity.

While I was working with AIV I encountered several international students; providing a home away from home is extremely important to them. Please pray for the ISM staff as they reach the world for Jesus through ministering to these students. Pray that God will open the hearts of international students, many who are from places where the gospel is not allowed to be shared openly.

To find out more about ISM, please visit [].

Friday, October 2, 2009

Urbana 09 Buzz

Something unique about the NSC is that every three years life seems to revolve around one thing: Urbana! Our triennial missions conference is an extremely significant time for thousands of young people. It was at Urbana 03 where I made the decision to go into full-time ministry.

In the graphics room, we have a lot of responsibilities in creating the look of Urbana, not only the publicity like the posters and website, but also the onsite materials, such as the stage design, nametags, and signs. One thing I’m working on is the handbook, which will be distributed to each participant. It’s an extremely important aspect of making the conference run smoothly and providing details of what to do, where to go and at what time, among other information. Please pray for all of us at the NSC who are involved in most of the behind the scenes work of Urbana 09. Please also pray for our speakers, worship leaders, performers, seminar leaders, and Bible teachers. Most of all pray for the 20,000+ participants who will travel to St. Louis from all over the world to attend. Pray that God would use Urbana 09 to grow our heart for missions and to send people out to change the world!

See you in St. Louis?
Although most who attend Urbana are ages 18-30, all are welcome and encouraged to come! If you’d like to find out more about Urbana 09, please visit or contact me. The next registration deadline is Oct. 17!