Monday, October 5, 2009

the reason for being, chapter 2

Hello Prayer Partners!

Welcome to my new blog. I've decided to create this blog to coincide with my newly redesigned prayer letter. I hope those of you who prefer online updates will find this an easy way to stay in touch with me. Thanks again for being a part of my prayer team. I am so excited to embark on this new chapter of my life with you. God has been so good in providing me with wonderful partners in ministry!

Some of you who have joined my team more recently may not know the history behind my newsletter title. "La Raison d'être" is French for "The Reason for Being." I've been blessed to grow in my understanding of my own reason for being through my calling to serve with InterVarsity. I believe that as image-bearers of the Creator, we are each created for some specific purpose. At this moment, I feel that God has created me to serve the university and students, and to develop and use my gifts of creativity and organization. I also hope that as I continue to serve in this ministry that I might contribute to students finding their own 'raison d'être', and through their encounter with Jesus, understand that God created them to be a part of his kingdom. And I hope that I may serve as an encouragement to each of you as you journey with the Lord and live for him in whatever he has called you.

The following posts contain the same articles from my prayer letter, but stay tuned for more updates; I'll be updating this blog in between prayer letters if there are any special prayer requests or news.

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