Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cross Training - post-conference report

 In November I volunteered at Cross Training, Wisconsin’s fall conference. The track I helped with was called ‘On Campus On Purpose’ and is geared towards freshmen and students who are new to their faith or new to InterVarsity. There were several teaching sessions focusing on the Lordship of Christ, having daily quiet times,
and sharing your faith. In small groups we shared, prayed and studied Scripture to help the students process. It was exciting to be with young students as they wrestled with what Jesus was calling them to do as Christian students on campus. My small group consisted of 5 UW-Madison AAIV (Asian American InterVarsity) students. This was my first time getting to be with students again since I’ve been at my current job, and I loved it! It made me miss my students at UofM. The two freshmen in my group, Nelson and Betty, committed to having daily quiet times, while a senior named Peter shared that he planned to reach out to an old classmate. Please pray for these students and others at Cross Training who made significant decisions in their relationship with God (there were at least 12 who made first time decisions to follow Jesus!).

My experience at Cross Training was also My small group at Cross Training was fruitful on a personal level. Not only was I challenged in the areas of Lordship, quiet times, and evangelism (no small aspects of following Jesus!), but I was reminded of InterVarsity’s mission to reach students and equip them to be influencers on campus. God is using InterVarsity to changes lives and I am so thankful to get to see it firsthand, as well as work towards this purpose as a graphic designer.

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