Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Did you know that Jeremy Lin is an alumnus of InterVarsity? Needless to say, as a fellow Asian American and InterVarsity alum, I'm proud and excited to see him flourishing.

As part of 2100's 2nd annual Valentine's Day card series, I designed this one especially to capture the excitement of his recent rise to fame in the NBA. The graphic has gone viral (well, by my low standards anyway), having been posted on at least two popular Asian American social media sites - Angry Asian Man (the blog of a fellow InterVarsity alumnus) and Hyphen Magazine. How exciting!

Check out this interview InterVarsity did with Jeremy while he was still a student at Harvard, and another article written this week on InterVarsity's national website.

We don't often see an Asian American, and especially one who is humble and genuinely loves Jesus, have such a widespread impact on culture. As is common, whenever anyone experiences this kind of overnight stardom, there is no shortage of cynics and critics. Already there have been thoughtful questions raised as to why there has been such clamor around Jeremy Lin, as well as racist and insensitive remarks made about him.

My own prayer and hope for this "lin-credible" turn of events is that God receives the glory. In the mean time, I'll be watching along with the rest of the world. :)