Thursday, October 20, 2011


Sometimes I get to work on a project that doesn't require me to stay as close to the InterVarsity brand as usual (ie: colors, choices of font, logo, etc.). I'm currently working on some designs for the Asian Pacific Islander Women's Leadership Conference which is sponsored by InterVarsity's Asian American Ministries, Epic Movement (Asian American branch of Cru), and Asian American Christian Fellowship. Since it is not an InterVarsity-only event, the look of the conference can have its own identity.

One requirement that had been given to me with this project is that the look should be visually inviting to women of South Asian and Southeast Asian descent. Typically Asian American designs can lean towards the more prevalent East Asian influence (using lots of red, for example). Another brainstorm was the image of an orchid - to symbolize thriving in hard places. (The conference theme is "Leadership over the Long Haul").

With those 2 ideas I've been working on some designs and I'm super excited about what I've been working on so far. I gathered some images of Southeast Asian fabrics which are full of vibrant colors, as well as intricate patterns using fairly simple shapes such as squares, diamonds, and triangles. It's been really fun to go a little outside my normal sphere of limitations and explore possibilities.

a screenshot of my computer monitor