Monday, November 23, 2009

Personal Prayer Requests

I have a sinus infection that is causing the left side of my face to be very swollen. Please pray that I'll get better so I can enjoy Thanksgiving at home with my family!

Also - I'll be speaking at my home church this coming weekend to talk more about InterVarsity and my new role. Please pray for guidance as I prepare, and that my sharing will be glorifying to God.

UPDATE - Tuesday 11/24:  I went to a doctor today since my symptoms have not gotten any better after 4 days. It turns out I don't have a sinus infection. I have angioedema, which is like hives except the swelling occurs in a deeper layer of the skin. I'm taking antihistamines but it seems like the only thing I can do is wait for it to go away. Please pray for quick recovery, I am in a lot of discomfort!

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