Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The countdown has begun: Urbana 12

I recently designed this graphic that went up on the front page of It was designed to both inform and encourage people to register for Urbana 12. Go check out the real thing here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The flowchart that changed everything

As I reflected on the Easter story this past week, I realized it really came down to two very significant events: Christ's death and Christ's resurrection. These two events changed everything.

This week, I designed this infographic to celebrate Easter, which we posted on our 2100 Facebook page. We had tossed a lot of different Easter-related ideas around, but I really felt the Holy Spirit bringing me back to these two phrases: "It is finished." It has begun. Together they perfectly describe 1) our faith in the one who finished the work at the cross, and 2) through his resurrection, our calling to a new kind of life with him.

May this image be helpful to you as you continue to reflect on the beauty and simplicity of the cross and the empty tomb, and may it lead you to joyful worship of our risen Savior!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Learning New Skills - Multiethnic Staff Conference

This is much overdue, but here are photos from Multiethnic Staff Conference!

This was my first time serving as photographer for a conference. I had fun experimenting and working with the professional camera, but it was a struggle to work with the dim lighting in the hotel. I also realized I'm a shy photographer and need to grow in my confidence so I can get better shots. But I enjoyed the experience and have definitely caught the photography "bug". I hope to continue to develop this skill and be able to use it in my ministry as a communicator and artist.

One of my main jobs at the conference was to record, edit and upload video blogs. Four staff from various places and backgrounds recorded a short video each day to reflect on their experience at the conference. Check out Dana's day 2 video below. If you're interested in watching the other video blogs, as well as other videos from the conference, check them out here.

My work at the Multiethnic Staff Conference involved a lot of new skills. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to learn photography or work with a video camera. I'm grateful for working in an environment where we can try new things!

the virtual/tech team (left to right: me, barney, david, michael, jenn, glenn & steve)