Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Ministry Logos: Before & After

Remember those ministry logos I was redesigning? Finally, they have all been completed! Here are the final versions along with the old versions.

Black Campus Ministries (BCM):


As you can see, we are moving away from including words or acronyms in the mark and rather having the ministry name explicitly included underneath the InterVarsity logo. This works to better align the new logos with each other, as well as have a clear and consistent relationship with the InterVarsity logo.

Graduate & Faculty Ministries:

GFM previously had many different marks to label each of their separate ministries. For simplicity and consistency, we decided to create just one new mark for all of GFM's ministries.
For the GFM and ISM logos, we have also updated colors so that they are much more relevant to current color trends and stay in line with InterVarsity's brand of colors.
International Student Ministry:


Whether or not these are all the best decisions, I am not sure. But I do know that consistency and clarity are helpful in good communication, so that is what I am aiming to do!