Friday, October 2, 2009

Urbana 09 Buzz

Something unique about the NSC is that every three years life seems to revolve around one thing: Urbana! Our triennial missions conference is an extremely significant time for thousands of young people. It was at Urbana 03 where I made the decision to go into full-time ministry.

In the graphics room, we have a lot of responsibilities in creating the look of Urbana, not only the publicity like the posters and website, but also the onsite materials, such as the stage design, nametags, and signs. One thing I’m working on is the handbook, which will be distributed to each participant. It’s an extremely important aspect of making the conference run smoothly and providing details of what to do, where to go and at what time, among other information. Please pray for all of us at the NSC who are involved in most of the behind the scenes work of Urbana 09. Please also pray for our speakers, worship leaders, performers, seminar leaders, and Bible teachers. Most of all pray for the 20,000+ participants who will travel to St. Louis from all over the world to attend. Pray that God would use Urbana 09 to grow our heart for missions and to send people out to change the world!

See you in St. Louis?
Although most who attend Urbana are ages 18-30, all are welcome and encouraged to come! If you’d like to find out more about Urbana 09, please visit or contact me. The next registration deadline is Oct. 17!

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