Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Teaching Staff How to Communicate Effectively

At our recent Orientation for New Staff Conference, I gave a presentation on creating effective ministry updates (ie: prayer letters).
I don't often get to do much teaching or public speaking these days so it was a good opportunity to interact with people in this way. As part of my presentation, I encouraged the new staff to make it a point to get someone to take pictures of them while they were up front teaching or leading. People who give and pray want to see them actually doing ministry.
While I was saying this, my coworker Adam got up and started taking pictures of me teaching! The one where he got behind me and snapped a photo of the audience was quite distracting, but turned into a cool shot. :)
Thank you for your prayers and gifts that allow me to in turn equip other staff to build ministry partners and support. You are impacting hundreds of staff as they live out God's call to reach students and faculty with the Gospel!