Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Counting Down to Urbana 09

Urbana 09 is less than a month away! The 2100 department is extremely busy these days! I have completed the Urbana Handbook (praise God!) but am now working on a few more print pieces: the exhibits and seminars guide, which will have listings of which exhibitors (missions organizations and seminaries) will be at
Urbana, and also the schedule of seminars. I’m also working on the worship CD art, which is fun since I get to be a little more creative.

I wish that I could fully convey the scope of Urbana to those of you who haven’t experienced it. This conference is unlike anything else. The energy of 20,000 people who love Jesus gathered in one place is indescribable! It sounds cliché but it really does give you a glimpse of heaven: diverse, worshipful, passionate,
and a real sense that God is present. As you support me through your prayers and gifts, you are supporting a movement that reaches far beyond anything I alone could do. You have a part in something important, global, and eternal! Please continue to pray with me that Urbana 09 will be a catalyst in sending out God’s people to do God’s mission. And pray for me and those with whom I work, as we continue to plan and prepare for this major event. What a privilege and responsibility to work alongside the Lord himself in accomplishing  something so significant for His mission!

P.S. I overheard that approximately 50% of all missionaries in the world were sent out from past Urbana conferences!

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