Monday, August 11, 2014

Creating a Campaign

For the past several months I've been working on a number of pieces related to an upcoming event happening at my own alma mater, The Price of Life campaign.

In October, InterVarsity chapters at the University of Michigan will be partnering with many local and state-wide organizations to raise awareness and fight against human trafficking (modern day slavery).
fact sheet explaining more about human trafficking including statistics
Human trafficking is a global issue affecting millions of people. But it also hits close to home. There are said to be up to 300,000 children or more currently enslaved in the United States.
postcard sent to all residents of a UofM dorm inviting them
to a kit build (to assist those most vulnerable to trafficking)
As believers in a God who created all humans to bear his image, human slavery is unquestionably the worst offense to what we hold sacred.
front page of the Price of Life website

I'm excited to lend my design skills to contribute to this important effort. I wanted to show you some of my work as well as ask for your prayers as the students and staff at UofM enter into this campaign.
prayer card for InterVarsity students to encourage them to be praying over the summer
The aim is to raise awareness to 30,000 people in the state of Michigan and engage 5,000 people in Ann Arbor in significant conversations about human trafficking and how the Gospel relates to this issue. 
PowerPoint background for when InterVarsity staff make presentations
to other organizations inviting them to partner in the campaign
Please pray that God would go before us in giving us success to fight against this evil. And pray that many people would clearly hear the Gospel at these events, coming to understand Jesus as the only true solution to human trafficking.
poster to be used around campus in the weeks leading up to the campaign

And pray for me as I provide visual resources for this campaign, that my work would effectively communicate and promote the event.

Stay tuned for more!