Thursday, May 30, 2013

Digging Deep: I-DIG

This spring I spent the majority of my time on this project, a discipleship group guide for International Student Ministry, named the "I-DIG". 
In the book's introduction, one of the authors refers to Jesus' parable about a treasure hidden in a field. From this parable and the aptly named title, "I-DIG," I decided to create a gardening theme as the main visual look of the entire book. This included garden-related icons for each section of the Bible study (Open = a sun, Dig In = a shovel, Respond = a watering can, and Dig Deeper = a shovel and pick axe), and various illustrations of leaves and plants for the chapter divider pages.
This book includes twelve chapters of fully-planned Bible studies, including the passages laid out in manuscript style and space to write comments and answers. There are also "tools" (another helpful garden-related word!) which are separate from the Bible studies but relate to understanding the Bible, interacting cross-culturally, and definitions of Christian words. The "Bible at a Glance" infographic which I posted earlier is included as one of the tools as well.

There is also a section that helps students learn how to share the Gospel using a diagram and script especially designed for international students who may be more likely to come from a shame/honor-based culture. This "Broken" diagram was created by International Student Ministries staff which I redesigned to appear here in the style of the I-DIG. Each step is shown using pencil and speech bubble icons so the reader knows in which order to draw and speak out the entire presentation.

The book, totaling 138 pages, took about four weeks to design! It was a lot of work but I'm excited knowing that I am helping hundreds of international students engage in Bible study and community, as well as provide a tool for students and staff to share the Gospel in a way that is relevant to internationals. Praying that God would use this book to impact many students for his kingdom!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Creating my own stock photo

I just completed a project for Central Region's first Asian American student conference. Asian American designs sometimes prove a challenge for me--I want to give it a visual look that reads as "Asian" without being too stereotypical or cliché.

As I researched their theme, "Ohana," I discovered that the origin of the word comes from the root of the taro plant. The idea of roots, connectedness, and family all relate to the conference's theme. I decided I wanted to use images of taro roots as my main visual theme. Finding the right image was challenging. I had found one that I liked on iStockPhoto, but it would cost $70.
So yesterday I went to a local Asian grocery store and picked up a few taro roots, and this morning took a few photos on my window sill. I used the morning light to imitate the look of the original iStockPhoto.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, in fact I almost like my photo better than the stock photo. I get excited when I get to be creative and resourceful - in this case that meant saving $70 (and also having some taro to make something yummy out of later!)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Bible at a Glance

I recently redesigned this helpful "Bible at a Glance" chart, which gives an overview of the entire Bible, including a timeline, major characters and events, themes, and a list of all the books by category.

I worked with International Student Ministry to update this chart, and it will be included in the I-DIG (International Disciples Guide book) I designed for them, coming out in early June. 

I'm excited because this is a very useful tool in any context, especially with students who are learning about the Bible for the first time. I love being able to use my design skills to help students encounter Jesus through Scripture.

You can download this resource on our website. Original chart used by permission of InterVarsity Press.