Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting Something New

Welcome banner I designed for the Greenhouse entrance at Ambition 15
In January, over 700 students and staff gathered in Tampa, Florida for Ambition 15, a conference geared towards equipping students to start new ministries, either on their own campus or on a new campus where there is no current InterVarsity work.

Signs I designed to help direct students in the Greenhouse
I worked with the conference planners to help create a space at the conference called Greenhouse. It was an interactive, hands-on space designed to help students take their God-given vision for a new ministry and give it 'legs'. Coaches and training tools were available for them to start planning out how to get the word out, how to gather partners, how to lead, etc.

Designs of stickers and a tshirt that InterVarsity staff wore around Greenhouse to identify themselves

One of three double-sided "canvases" (worksheets) used to lead students through the process of developing a vision, finding partners and making concrete plans for the new ministry they want to start.

The conference awarded 8 students with a planting grant, $1000 and a coach for 6 months to get them started. These students included a young woman named Kat, who, as a student with disabilities, never truly felt accepted at her school until she encountered the InterVarsity chapter. Now she has a vision to begin a small group for other students with disabilities so they can also find the same love and acceptance of Jesus.

Pray that God would take these seeds planted at Ambition and grow them into flourishing new ministries so that more unreached places on campus would be impacted by the Gospel.