Friday, July 17, 2015

The Elusive Brand Book

I've been wanting to share this for quite some time but I haven't felt like I was allowed to. Well, we're on the cusp of releasing an intitial working draft of the Brand Book, so I think it is safe to show you  a few sample pages! 
These pages help define the InterVarsity logo and the proper ways to use it. In my years of working as a designer for InterVarsity, I've seen all sorts of ways the logo has been used (or not used at all!). And it's no wonder, because we haven't done a very good job of helping people know how to use it properly! So these pages describe color, shape, spacing and placement. There are also a lot of examples of what NOT to do based on things I've seen. 
Other pages will help define our design guidelines for things like social media (square) images, email headers, website layouts, color palette, fonts, and a lot more! Seriously--I think it's going to end up being like 100 pages. Yikes. But, hopefully it will be a really helpful tool for our team and for our staff and students!