Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming Together

I recently worked on a piece that was very fun for me. Every month we include a small insert in donor receipts. This month the insert focused on InterVarsity's love for Bible study. We decided to make the insert not only a report on how InterVarsity trains students in studying Scripture, but to include a tear-out bookmark for donors to use themselves. This bookmark has a very brief guide to what InterVarsity calls the inductive Bible study method. Having previously spent much of my time on staff training students to study the Bible and to lead others in studying the Bible, I was excited have that particular passion be a part of my designing work.

I was able to use some of my own experience as a trainer to develop the bookmark's content, and I even used some of my own colorful manuscript pages in the design of the piece.

Some of you will receive this piece when you get your monthly receipt in the mail! For the rest of you download a printable version of the bookmark (a PDF file), click here. To view the content of the piece as well as some more Bible study resources, go here.


  1. laura! i would love to get my hands on these... is there anyway we can actually purchase them?

  2. joyce - i'm not sure if we are printing these on their own. that was the original idea but it's not clear if that's still happening! i'll try to find out.