Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 years later...

Huaren Cultural Show in 2002 (I don't have digital pictures of that first performance in 2001!)
My first introduction to what is called "body worship" happened when I was a freshman in college. Body worship is a combination of sign language and dance and is performed along to music. CCF, Chinese Christian Fellowship (what is now known as Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship), has a tradition of performing body worship at Asian American cultural shows. It was an opportunity as an ethnic specific Christian group to share our faith with the broader Asian American community.

The song we performed was "God of Wonders" by Third Day & Caedmon's Call. We practiced for weeks and it was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about what it means to worship God with not just your mouth but your body and soul and heart.

In the ten years since that performance, I have taught the movements to many other groups, including the CCF at Michigan State, and the youth group at my home church. This week, I am teaching it to a few young girls at my very non-Asian church to perform at our upcoming church talent show. It is quite a different experience teaching it to 4 to 8 year olds as opposed to college students!

Did I realize that what I learned 10 years ago would still stay with me and provide me opportunities to serve at my church, share a cultural experience, and continue to broaden people's views of worship? No. But I am grateful that God prepared me during college to bless his people for years to come. That's what InterVarsity is all about!

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