Thursday, May 9, 2013

Creating my own stock photo

I just completed a project for Central Region's first Asian American student conference. Asian American designs sometimes prove a challenge for me--I want to give it a visual look that reads as "Asian" without being too stereotypical or cliché.

As I researched their theme, "Ohana," I discovered that the origin of the word comes from the root of the taro plant. The idea of roots, connectedness, and family all relate to the conference's theme. I decided I wanted to use images of taro roots as my main visual theme. Finding the right image was challenging. I had found one that I liked on iStockPhoto, but it would cost $70.
So yesterday I went to a local Asian grocery store and picked up a few taro roots, and this morning took a few photos on my window sill. I used the morning light to imitate the look of the original iStockPhoto.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, in fact I almost like my photo better than the stock photo. I get excited when I get to be creative and resourceful - in this case that meant saving $70 (and also having some taro to make something yummy out of later!)


  1. Random question: Is copyright an issue when "copying" this kind of work?

  2. I don't think it is, Caleb. There's nothing illegal about creating your own image even if the content is similar. I'm not totally sure but it seems like in this kind of situation it would be okay.