Thursday, December 27, 2012

Urbana 12, Day 1

clockwise from top left: 1) my own copies of the handbook and seminar notebook that I designed 2) the wall of inspiration for our photographers 3) me and my boyfriend, pat, who i reunited with for the first time since we began dating! 4) students poring over the handbook as they enter into the conference

Urbana 12 officially starts in just a few hours! But our team, and thousands of staff and volunteers, have already been hard at work! My photography team has just begun our workflow and so far things are going okay. Please pray for technical hiccups to be smoothed out - we have encountered several issues that were unexpected and have been somewhat stressful. I am hoping that everything will be figured out by tonight so we can get a steady workflow established!

Some more things you can pray for: 
  • Praise God that most of our photographers have arrived and have jumped in with enthusiasm. I am excited to be working with them.
  • Pray for the one remaining photographer, Sean, still en route. (The bus he was taking had a flat tire).
  • Pray for the remainder of students still arriving and the registration process to go smoothly, so that as many students as possible can enter into the conference well. Many will be tired, hungry, disoriented. Pray that God would give them a sense of peace and joy that they are here. 

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