Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pray for Urbana!

While most of you are celebrating the birth of Jesus today, I am on my way down to St. Louis with the rest of my team. We have a couple days of setup ahead of us, and 5 long work days during Urbana, which begins Thursday, December 27. Your prayers are crucial as we anticipate God to work significantly this week! Read below for a specific list of prayer requests.

My role at Urbana 

This year I am serving as the "Image Czar." What this means is that I will be processing and organizing all of the photos that are taken during the conference, and choosing the best ones to be used in our daily newspaper, Urbana Today, social media, and future reporting or promotional materials. Six photographers have volunteered their time and gifts to help us capture the event.

Please pray for the whole photography team: the photographers (Micah, Stuart, Erin, Barry, Kyle and Sean), my assistant Becky (a former design intern and current InterVarsity staff), Christy (coordinator), and myself.

Social Media & Live Streaming 

Here are some ways you can keep up with the event to see what's happening and how you can be praying:

Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for the whole 2100 team as we travel to Urbana 12 today, and for the physically strenuous days ahead. Pray for good health, safety, endurance, and that our work will effectively contribute to God's call to students to give their lives to his mission. 
  •  Pray specifically for God's wisdom and grace, and good communication for my immediate team, the photographers, Becky, Christy and me, as we collect images that will communicate what Urbana is like and what God is doing at Urbana. 
  • Pray for Urbana 12, Dec 27-31 in St. Louis. Pray for God to speak loudly as he calls this generation of students to join his global mission.

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