Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Great Invitation

As Urbana 12 quickly approaches, I am excited to see the work we’ve put in these past several months come to fruition as we extend God’s invitation to over 15,000 students to give their lives to
his global mission.

Here are a few projects I’ve worked on or am currently working on, and how you can pray for their effectiveness at Urbana 12.

The Invitation to Learn

In the afternoons, Urbana participants can explore specific missions topics by attending seminars. About 150 seminars will be offered, ranging from topics such as church planting, healthcare ministry among trafficked people, and the state of missions in the Middle East.

The 52-page seminar notebook I designed will help participants choose which seminars interest them. Pray that these opportunities to learn would further aid in equipping students to join God’s mission.

The Invitation to Give

The Urbana offering, collected using an envelope I designed, will be given to carefully chosen ministries who are carrying out God’s mission all over the world. In 2009, Urbana gave over $900,000.

Please pray that participants will give generously, sacrificially and prayerfully. Pray that this offering would be a pleasing gift to God as he uses it to advance his kingdom around the globe.

The Invitation to Decide

On the last evening, students will fill out a decision card, committing to follow Jesus for the first time, to study Luke with their non-Christian friends back on campus, and/or to short- or long-term missions. This card will serve to remind participants of how they heard God’s call and what they are going to do about it after the conference.

Pray that God would speak clearly, and that thousands would make thoughtful decisions to live for God.

The Invitation to See

I rarely work on videos, but for this Urbana I  am helping create a couple of videos which will present information about water (and the lack of access to it in some places of the world) and orphans (as a result of the AIDS epidemic).

Pray that these videos would help students become more aware of places in great need of healing and justice, and to develop a heart for God’s world.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in calling students to God’s mission. Thank you for your partnership in this season of busy, hard work. I am excited to see how God moves at Urbana 12!

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