Sunday, January 2, 2011

Staff Conference

Tomorrow I leave for Staff Conference! Some of you didn't realize that I am also going to the conference that I've been spending so much time preparing for!  Tomorrow my team (2100) leaves for St. Louis with a big truck-ful of equipment. We'll spend all day Tuesday setting up, and then the rest of the conference attendees (1,200 of my colleagues, to be exact!) will show up on Wednesday for the beginning of the conference!

I'll have limited access to Internet but I hope to post at least a few times, so please stay tuned for some updates. We will be in need of your prayers during the next several days!

Here's what you can pray for tomorrow through Wednesday:
  • safe travel of people and equipment 
  • good weather on the road
  • smooth and timely set up of all the equipment and visual elements (including a bunch of the stuff I designed!)
  • God's grace in the last minute preparations
  • health for all the staff (I came down with a bad stomach flu a few days ago. Thankfully it came before and not during the conference!) 

oh, and Happy New Year!

1 comment:

  1. have fun laura! take lots of pictures so I can see:)