Monday, January 31, 2011

Staff Conference - a full update

Here comes an overdue report about Staff Conference!

It is difficult to report on what happened in five days among twelve hundred people. What I can say though, is that God was with us and there was a definite sense that He was calling us to this unique aspect of our ministry: renewing the campus. Hundreds of staff made commitments to establish relationships with the faculty and administration on their campuses, to pray for revival, and to ourselves be renewed afresh through His Word and His people as we live and work.

Photo Slideshow - I've collected some photos that feature some of my designs, as well as show my team at work at the conference.

Time Lapse of Setup - our team spent 2 days setting up for Staff Conference. Here's a glimpse of us building the stage, setting up the lights, sound system and cameras!


I was particularly blessed to hear the dozen or so testimonies shared throughout the week. It is exciting to hear about all the diverse and miraculous ways God is at work, bringing thousands of new students AND faculty to be followers of Christ, reaching unreached groups (such as urban commuter colleges or the GLBT community), and bringing reconciliation to campuses where racial incidents have occurred. Praise God that we get to be a part of seeing this happen!

One of several videos 2100 produced and showed at Staff Conference - this one tells the story of how God is working among college athletes in New Hampshire.

University of New Hampshire from InterVarsity-twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

(View other Staff Conference videos and testimonies here)


Thank YOU for your prayers over the past several months. Personally it has been quite a journey, taking the lead on the design of this conference, as well as picking up extra work during my supervisor's maternity leave. I have indeed experienced God's grace and provision. Perhaps the most exciting realization was experiencing God in creating the designs for the conference. I was and am profoundly aware of his hand on me, inspiring me and giving me the creativity as well as discipline to complete my work. I know that without God's help I could have never created what I did. What a joy to experience God as Creator in my own work of creating!


Here are a few of the banners I designed. There were 16 in total and were placed all throughout the hotel during the conference.


I now move into a slower pace after Staff Conference, which I gladly welcome. Please continue to pray for our team as we transition into new projects. There are always so many good ideas and a limited amount of time and resources. Pray that we will have wisdom in deciding how best to use our time to be most effective in resourcing our ministry.

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  1. laura, you did a terrific job with the banners. they were so great and sc11 was such a welcoming environment. thanks for serving us staff!