Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The flowchart that changed everything

As I reflected on the Easter story this past week, I realized it really came down to two very significant events: Christ's death and Christ's resurrection. These two events changed everything.

This week, I designed this infographic to celebrate Easter, which we posted on our 2100 Facebook page. We had tossed a lot of different Easter-related ideas around, but I really felt the Holy Spirit bringing me back to these two phrases: "It is finished." It has begun. Together they perfectly describe 1) our faith in the one who finished the work at the cross, and 2) through his resurrection, our calling to a new kind of life with him.

May this image be helpful to you as you continue to reflect on the beauty and simplicity of the cross and the empty tomb, and may it lead you to joyful worship of our risen Savior!


  1. I love this!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The message is simple yet beautiful and profound. Praise the Lord!