Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aisulu's last day

Today we said goodbye to our intern, Aisulu (pronounced Eye-soo-loo), pictured above in the middle. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, she was on staff there with IFES for several years. Since her fiance lives in Pennsylvania, she was looking for an opportunity to work/live a little closer and was able to connect with InterVarsity since we are part of IFES (an umbrella organization for student groups all over the world!).  It has been a great time having her on the graphics team these past few months. I learned a lot about Kyrgyzs culture, and in helping her learn more about graphic design, it's helped me verbalize ideas and principles, which has been a good way for me to learn as well!

Aisulu is moving to Pennsylvania where she and her fiance will be married. She is hoping to get another internship or opportunity in the graphic design industry. Please pray for God's provision and guidance as she moves on to the next chapter of her life!

New interns will be joining us for the summer starting June 1st. I'll write more about them when they arrive!

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