Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A story about a blue cup

One of our biggest projects of the past few years was the Red Cup campaign, an evangelistic project that engages passersby with the question "What are you thirsty for?" and the familiar image of the red Solo cup used at many college parties. However, on some campuses and for some students, it's a blue cup that's impacting lives.

My friend Carole, on staff with InterVarsity's International Student Ministry at the University of Michigan recently included this story in her update:

"Last year, Carla stopped by our information table and picked up a blue cup. These cups have 'welcome' written on them in many languages. At the end of the year, Carla said 'something that really caught my attention about ICF was the blue cup... The fact that it had "SELAMAT DATANG" on it was one of the things that made me feel even more welcome, as in the first few days, some people I met didn’t even know where Indonesia was or what it was.' Carla was changed throughout the year and came to know God more, and her initial contact with us was a blue cup."

I'm thankful to see how my design work, in partnership with the work of staff on campuses, is transforming the lives of students!


  1. So this is completely off topic, but I stumbled on your Disnerd Adventures blog today. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on the films, going back to Aladdin. Unfortunately, I need to put off reading the rest until another day.

    As a Christian and DisNerd myself, I find your thoughts insightful. You're looking at the films in ways I hadn't before, and I'm picking up new things in them. Thank you for that.

    And now I really want to have a Disney movie marathon.

    1. Mark - Thanks for your comment! It's fun to "meet" a fellow Christian and Disnerd. :) I've been finding that the blog project has led to a lot of great discussions about faith, even almost a year after finishing.

      Good luck with the marathon - it took me 14 months! It was well worth it though. :)