Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making information understandable, part 2

One of my projects this month is a redesign of the new "general" InterVarsity brochure. It's the one that we give to those who are considering giving financially to InterVarsity, or who want to learn more about our ministry.

The brochure includes a large amount of statistics about how many people and chapters are involved, how many people made decisions to follow Jesus through our ministry, the ethnic makeup of our students, etc.  My job is take this text and transform it into something that will engage readers and help them process what all the information means. The result is below:

(click to view larger)
The two images have the exact same information. The first is presented only with text. The second is my design that enhances that information and makes it visually interesting and much easier to understand. This graphic looks fairly simple, but it actually took several hours to transform the text into what you see!

Information design is one of the things I love about my job. It's my hope that this infographic will help potential donors know more about InterVarsity's ministry, and as a result, be compelled to support our mission.

Check out my first post on information design here and other infographic examples here.

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