Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Settlers of Catan, College Edition

Recently I designed a board game based on Settlers of Catan for a different Fall Conference in southern Illinois. The game, “Snackers of the Dorm” used candy like Hershey Kisses and Starbursts, rather than brick, sheep or ore as in the original. It was used as a training tool alongside the Gospel passage about the rich young ruler. Students had fun while also learning about what it means to make choices as a follower of Jesus.

the board game uses the original hexagonal shapes. instead of ships it's vending machines. instead of the desert, it's a library. :)
in order to build a "mini-fridge" one needs a Rolo, Hershey Kiss, Goldfish cracker, and Starburst.


  1. laura this looks phenomenal! how do we get our hands on a copy of the training materials and the game?

  2. hey barney! lynn kincaid is the person i worked with. she has all the training materials. i'd say talk to her, and then come to us (2100) afterwards.

  3. shouldn't you need 3 snickers for a full size fridge? Very fun.

  4. I just tweeted this! Great work.