Sunday, October 31, 2010


Three and a half years ago i served on the planning team for a new fall conference that would be for all InterVarsity students in the state of Michigan. It began as a conference to train students in bearing witness on their campuses, and we decided to name it Compelling. Compelling 2007 had about 275 students attend, which at the time was one of the largest gatherings of students in Michigan (other than Chapter Focus Week at Cedar Campus).

Though I'm no longer on staff in Michigan i've stayed connected to this conference by working on the visual components - the flyer, website, and other graphics. This year there are nearly 600 students attending Compelling 2010! (i also hear that they unfortunately had to close registration early because there were no more beds available!) I am blown away at how much this conference, and InterVarsity chapters in Michigan, have grown over only 3 years. It is evident that God is working through this conference and as a result more and more students are inviting their peers to join.  It is so exciting to see this happen, from the beginning, when it was just 5 staff with a vision, to now with such a large number of students attending. I am grateful and honored to have a part in God's work.

Compelling 2010 is happening Nov. 12-14 in East Lansing, Michigan. Please pray with me for God to continue to meet students at this conference and that it will result in changed lives. Pray that Compelling 2010 will serve as a catapult in growing our movement in Michigan, that more and more students would become wholehearted followers of Jesus and make a lasting impact on their campuses and in the world.

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