Friday, January 15, 2010

Praying for Haiti

Wanted to forward on an email sent from a leader in our sister IFES movement in the Carribbean. Please pray with me. 

Excerpt from email:
"It is still very difficult to get around the city of Port au Prince and we don't receive much news from the provinces. The first rescue teams are arriving in the country but they will have trouble to get organised. In the country, people are emotionally shaken. Itazienne [Associate General Secretary of IFES in Haiti] told me yesterday how difficult it was for her to see with her own eyes buildings collapsing and people dying.

...Meanwhile, we invite you to continue to pray for this painful situation. Therefore pray for: good organization of rescue around the injured people and the survivors; spiritual, physical and emotional strength to cope with the situation; news about the members of GBEUH we haven't heard from."

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